Non-Ferrous - Price ListingsLast Updated: July 2, 2015, 6:25 am

Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $1.33 /lb.
Bronze $1.53 /lb.
Brass Shells $1.15 /lb.
Brass Water Meter $0.65-0.95 /lb.
Clean Brass Radiators $1.20 /lb.
Insulated Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) $0.70 /lb.
Hollow Heliax Wire $0.85 /lb.
Romex Wire $1.05 /lb.
THHN Cable $1.25 /lb.
Insulated Cable $1.55 /lb.
500-750 MCM (Bare Bright Inside) $1.72 /lb.
Insulated Steel BX $0.20 /lb.
Christmas Lights $0.20 /lb.
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean) $1.00 /lb.
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty) $0.90 /lb.
Copper Yokes $0.35 /lb.
Copper Transformers $0.13-0.23 /lb.
Electric Motors $0.15 /lb.
Alternators/Starters (Separated) $0.25 /lb.
Car Batteries $0.23-$0.27 /lb.
Forklift Batteries $0.17-0.20 /lb.
Lithium Ion Batteries $0.50 /lb.
Lead $0.45 /lb.
Lead Wheel Weights $0.20 /lb.
Sealed Units/Compressors $0.13 /lb.
Aluminum Siding $0.45 /lb
Aluminum Windows (broken) $0.42 /lb.
Sheet Aluminum (Windows/Pans) $0.40 /lb.
Cast Aluminum $0.43 /lb.
AL Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass) $0.38 /lb.
AL Litho Plates $0.55 /lb.
AL Machine Cuts $0.50 /lb.
Aluminum Grills $0.43 /lb.
Aluminum Ladders $0.40 /lb.
Aluminum Rims $0.60 /lb.
Aluminum Transformers $0.06 /lb.
Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic) $0.43 /lb.
Scrap Generators $0.15-$0.25 /lb.
Circuit Breakers Prices Vary

Ferrous - Price ListingsLast Updated: July 2, 2015, 6:25 am

Steel $0.05-0.07/lb.
Light Iron $0.05-$0.06/lb.
Cast Iron $0.06-$0.075/lb.
Whole Cars $0.05-0.06 /lb.
Motorcycles $0.06-0.12 /lb.
500lb. Minimum for Steel Purchases.

Computer Scrap - Price ListingsLast Updated: July 2, 2015, 6:25 am

Harddrive PC Board $2.50 /lb.
Memory Chips $5.00-8.00 /lb.
CPU Processor Chips $5-40.00 /lb.
Cell Phones (NO BATTERY) $1.00/ lb.
Insulated Wire $0.45-.74 /lb.
Whole Computer Towers w/HD $0.21/lb.
Laptops $0.50 /lb.
Harddrives w/Board $0.50 /lb.
Telecom Equipment CALL
Power Supplies (w/ wires) $0.20 /lb.
Servers $0.18-0.35/lb.
Back Panels CALL
Low Grade Non PC Boards $0.09 /lb.
AL Heat Sinks $0.40 /lb.
Sorry, We DO NOT currently accept Monitors.

Rare Earth Metals - Price ListingsLast Updated: July 2, 2015, 6:25 am

Monel $2.25 /lb.
FSX 414 $2.25 /lb.
Titanium $0.75 /lb.
Tin $0.50-5.50 /lb.
Nickel $2.00-4.00 /lb.
Inconel $1.50-2.50 /lb.
High Speed Steel $0.35 /lb.
Hastelloy Shavings $1.25 /lb.
Hastelloy Solids $1.50 /lb.
Tin Solder $0.50-5.00 /lb.
Babbit $0.50-5.50 /lb.
Alnico Magnets $1.00 /lb.

Rockaway Recycling WILL NOT buy stolen material under any circumstances.

We are NOT an auto salvage yard for car parts.
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Catalytic Converter Prices

Know Your Metals

scrap copper wire #1 Bare Bright Wire
copper tubing #1 Copper Tubing/Flashing
scrap #2 copper tubing #2 Copper Tubing/ Bus Bar
copper scrap #3 Roofing Copper
scrap metal brass Brass (Plumbing, Pipe)
bronze Bronze
brass shells Brass Shells
scrap brass meter Brass Water Meter
scrap brass radiators Clean Brass Radiators
insulated wire Insulated Copper Wire (Cat 5/6)
Hollow Heliax Wire Hollow Heliax Wire
romex wire scrap Romex Wire
scrap thhn wire THHN Cable
scrap insulated cable Insulated Cable
mcm cable scrap 500-750 MCM (Bare Bright Inside)
insulated bx scrap Insulated Steel BX
copper wire scrap Christmas Lights
copper fin scrap Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean)
aluminum copper scrap Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty)
copper yokes scrap Copper Yokes
scrap copper Copper Transformers
scrap electric motor Electric Motors
alternator starter scrap Alternators/Starters (Separated)
scrap car battery Car Batteries
scrap battery Forklift Batteries
Lithium Ion Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries
scrap lead Lead
lead wheel weights Lead Wheel Weights
scrap sealed units Sealed Units/Compressors
scrap aluminum Aluminum Siding
scrap aluminum windows Aluminum Windows (broken)
scrap aluminum Sheet Aluminum (Windows/Pans)
scrap cast aluminum Cast Aluminum
aluminum thermo scrap AL Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass)
scrap aluminum litho plate AL Litho Plates
scrap aluminum machine cuts AL Machine Cuts
scrap aluminum Aluminum Grills
scrap ladders Aluminum Ladders
Tri-State Area Scrap Yard Aluminum Rims
scrap aluminum transformers Aluminum Transformers
scrap stainless steel Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)
scrap metal AC unit Chillers
scrap catalytic converters Catalytic Converters (Click Here)
scrap generators Scrap Generators
circuit breakers Circuit Breakers
scrap steel iron Steel
light iron scrap Light Iron
cast iron scrap Cast Iron
scrapyourcar Whole Cars
motorcycle Motorcycles
scrap motherboards Clean Green Motherboards
motherboard scrap metal Non-Green Motherboards
scrap hard drive board Harddrive PC Board
scrap metal yard near dover Memory Chips
scrap cpu chips CPU Processor Chips
scrap old cell phones Cell Phones (NO BATTERY)
insulated wire Insulated Wire
scrap computer tower Whole Computer Towers w/HD
scrap metal laptop Laptops
scrap harddrives Harddrives w/Board
scrap telecome equipment Telecom Equipment
scrap power supply Power Supplies (w/ wires)
scrap computer servers Servers
scrap back panels Back Panels
scrap non pc board Low Grade Non PC Boards
scrap metal aluminum heat sink AL Heat Sinks
scrap carbide Carbide Inserts/Shapes
scrap metal monel Monel
scrap metal fsx FSX 414
scrap metal titanium Titanium
scrap metal tin Tin
scrap metal nickel Nickel
scrap inconel Inconel
scrap high speed steel High Speed Steel
scrap hastelloy Hastelloy Shavings
scrap Hastelloy Hastelloy Solids
scrap metal tin Tin Solder
scrap metal babbitt Babbit
alnico magnet scrap Alnico Magnets
Catalytic Converter Prices

Let us show you what scrap metals we deal with and how they are classified. By staying up to date with all commodities prices, Rockaway Recycling is able to give you the best and most competitive price for your scrap metal. Our prices are always up to date on this website and any materials that you have a further question on, please contact us and we will be able to help you to figure it out.

If you ever have any questions about what you have or what it is worth, please contact one of our friendly staff to help you. We are not an auto salvage yard, nor do we deal with car parts other then buying certain items for scrap metal value. We do pick up and accept any kind of old cars, please give us a call for more information. We will NOT under any circumstance buy stolen materials.

In accordance with New Jersey State laws, we are required to take, copy, & return a picture ID when buying any scrap metals.

In addition to the scrap metals pictured above we also buy:

Carbide Hastelloy Monel Platinum
Inconel Silver Nickel Obsolete Electronics
Alnico Magnets Computer Boards Titanium Mainframes
Tin High Speed Steel Gold CPU Chips
Specialty Metals Obsolete Machinery Memory Chips Switch Equipment

Special Thanks to V.Buechel for taking such great pictures of materials and of the shop.