THHN Cable (74-78% ICW)

Photo of THHN Cable (74-78% ICW)


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $2.36/lb


10-18 gauge wire, Spaghetti Wire, Solid copper inside

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Have copper wire? Bring your wires and cables into Rockaway Recycling today, including your THHN Cable. Most electricians and contractors will come across THHN Cable while on the job. It is often described as spaghetti wire or 10-14 gauge wire, THHN Cable will have a solid strand of copper going through it. If you have a large quantity of THHN Cable, it may be worth it to strip it for the bare bright wire inside. Remember when doing this though, that you are taking away weight of the material by removing the insulation. Most of the time we don’t see too many people stripping this type of wire though because it is so thin, that it isn’t always worth the time.

Where You Can Scrap THHN Cable Scrap in New Jersey

If you have questions about making more money on your scrap metal and THHN Cable, you can check out our helpful videos on YouTube and our Let’s Learn To Scrap tab. If you need directions to Rockaway Recycling, you can find them on our website along with our operating hours. We are conveniently located in Rockaway, NJ minutes from Rt. 80 and off of Rt. 46. You can also contact us about our pick up services for your scrap metal in the Tri-State area. You will be able to request containers from our facility. We can provide you with the services you need to scrap your THHN cable and other copper wires.

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THHN Cable and wire is often something that electricians are using in their everyday jobs. It is a common data and gauge wire that is found in homes, office building, and other industrial settings. It has bare bright copper wire inside and is insulated with plastic. Most people that have THHN cable do no strip the wire because it is so small and can be a tedious task. With the small amount of copper inside, you will be spending more time remove the insulation and losing weight of the wire. Rockaway Recycling only suggests stripping THHN cable when you have a large quantity (500 pounds or more) and even then we don’t encourage it. At our own facility we don’t strip the THHN wire because it doesn’t yield that high of a return.

Historical Scrap Prices Online for THHN Cable

Our Rockaway Recycling website has always been a home for our customers to find our current prices and information about making more money on scrap metal. We now have 30-day historical scrap metal price charts on our website. We created this information so that our customers can see the recent updates and changes in the scrap metal market. If our customers are educated and have the information they are looking for to make more money on their scrap metal it helps them when they visit our yard. We also have the 30-day average price for THHN cable so that you can see what the current price is being paid our scale and what it has been. This can help you understand how the market has been recently and what to expect in the upcoming days and weeks.

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