Team Members

Everything that we do stems from the support team around us. With team members from 1 year of history to 15 years, Rockaway Recycling always is watching out for their employees and treating them like they want to be treated.

Sean – Yard Foreman

Donning his patriotic hard hat and gushing about his daughter, Sean is always available. Helping customers unload their trucks, identifying materials, or working with our trucking division, Sean is a seasoned scrap veteran. Be sure to ask him for the latest prices, information on how we grade material or what types of catalytic converters we buy. Keeping tabs on the shop and overall operation in our yard, Sean is happy to help you with anything you need.

Virginia – Marketing Manager


Learning to parallel park a fork truck in the back lot when she was 12, Virginia knows her scrap. Whether she is in the office working on the Rockaway Recycling website, YouTube Page, Virginia can have a good conversation about anything sports. Working on planning the next BBQ or helping the team out in the shop, Virginia wears many scrapping hats. Contact: [email protected]

Hiring A Scale Manager

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Interested in working with us? Be sure to check our current career opportunities.

Jose – Driver

When you see one of Rockaway Recycling’s trucks on the road, you may have a chance to see Jose behind the wheel of it. Making sure to call customers before he arrives, help them load material on to the truck after he is there, and always driving safely, he wants to make sure that the job gets done. He also is helpful when helping customers load and sort their materials before they are transported to our yard.


Constantly on the move, Julio is a great addition to the Rockaway Recycling team starting in 2015. With his high energy and great work ethic, Julio is a vital asset to moving materials in the shop. Whether he is clearing the scales to get it ready for the next customer or moving bales out of our machines, Julio is always available to help all our customers, including Spanish-speaking.


Mark joined our team in 2017 and has been a great helping hand around Rockaway Recycling. He can be found helping customers sorting through materials, packing materials for shipment, or also on job sites helping customers clear materials for pick up services. Mark is more than happy to help you with questions you may have about materials and how Rockaway Recycling can help you.


Deiby is a great team member here at Rockaway Recycling. One of our Spanish-Speaking team members, Deiby is constantly willing to help customer unload their material, sort materials in our yard, keep the yard clean and free of nails. You can also find Deiby in the back of our yard cutting materials for shipping and moving carts and materials out of the way for our customers.

Hiring A Forklift Operator

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Interested in working with us? Be sure to check our current career opportunities.

Donna – Office Admin

One of our most recent additions to our Rockaway Recycling team is Donna, our Office Admin.  When you call us you will most likely hear Donna’s voice who is always ready and willing to help you and answer all your questions. Also able to help our customers with pickup and container requests, Donna is available to take your appointment to get the job done correctly.

Andrew – Driver

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One of our additions in 2017, Andrew is one of our truck drivers. Delivering containers to job sites, Andrew is a safe and efficient on the road. He will make sure the job is done correctly and our pickup services are completed correctly. If you have any questions about our services or how we can help you with large jobs, Andrew is available to answer them.


Adding to the Team in 2017, Francisco joins us with his helpful hand in multiple places in our yard. From cutting and sorting material, to help keep things up in the yard like cleanliness and fresh coats of paint, Francisco is a great part of the Rockaway Recycling Team. You may also find Francisco helping at the door with communication with our Spanish-speaking customers.


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Interested in working with us? Be sure to check our current career opportunities.


We pride ourselves on helping the community and providing support to some of our favorite charities and foundations. With our Customer Appreciation BBQ, Saturday Specials, and more we are always looking to provide help and support those that are less-fortunate. See some of our favorite charities, causes, and foundations below.

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I love it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

– George Bernard Shaw


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