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30 DAY AVG. PRICE $1.94/lb


Little plastic, dirt, or steel attached. No residue inside and without aluminum or steel shells mixed in. No live rounds accepted under any circumstances.

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You can scrap those used Brass Shells* at Rockaway Recycling. We will be able to help you unload and weigh your scrap Brass Shells and other scrap metal at our facility located in Rockaway, NJ. When bringing in your scrap Brass Shells, be sure that they do not have primers or residue inside. If you aren’t sure if they do or not, you can contact us online with your question along with a picture. If you have other brass scraps you are bringing along, be sure to separate it from your Brass Shells, this will allow you to make the most money possible when bringing your scrap in.

Buying Brass Shells for Scrap in New Jersey

At Rockaway Recycling we accept brass shells for scrap but we have a few things you have to keep in mind. Under no condition will we buy live ammunition, so don’t expect to get paid for live ammunition. We also work with local organizations for brass shell pickups. So if you have a large load of brass shells in the New Jersey region you are looking to recycle, Rockaway Recycling can help and provide pick up services for your brass and other metals. You can also bring your brass shells to our facility located in Rockaway, NJ and can find directions directly on our website. We are minutes from Route 46 and Route 80 in Morris County.

When buying brass shells at Rockaway Recycling, we will ensure that we look through all to remove and not purchase any live rounds. We do not, under any circumstances, purchase brass shells with live rounds or active ammunition.

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Historical Scrap Prices Online for Brass Shells

If you have questions about the current price for scrap Brass Shells or other scrap metals, be sure to check our accepted materials and prices directly online. We make sure to update our prices everyday and as soon as they change at the scale. You will be able to get email price alerts too if you sign up on our website. If you have questions about making more money on your scrap metal, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for helpful scrapping videos. You can also print our directions out from our website, along with our operating hours and other information.

We also provide the historical scrap prices for brass shells and other metals on our website so we can continue to help our customer keep track of the scrap market. We are constantly updating our prices on our website when the market is changing, so we want to provide our customers and visitors with the option to see what the current prices for brass shells and other scrap metal is. You can also view the average price over the last 30 days so that you have an idea of where the market has been over the last month or so.

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(Last Modified: April 19th, 2024, 9:18 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.30/lb
Bronze $2.60/lb
Brass Shells $2.05/lb
Brass Water Meter $1.35-$2.15/lb
Clean Brass Radiators $2.10/lb
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*Brass Shells are all sorted & contain no live rounds.