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Common Questions About Scrap Metal Pickups


How does a scrap metal pick up work?

When we schedule a pick-up with you, we can either provide you with a container on your job site to load at your convenience, or we can do a “live load.” With a wide variety of container sizes available, we will deliver the container or truck to your pick-up place once we figure out your needs.

If you decide you have a container dropped off, we can leave it there for as long as you need it. Once you think it is starting to get full, give us a call, and we can pick-up the container or switch it out with a new one if you need to continue filling it with materials.

If you decide to do a “live load,” we will bring our container and truck to your facility for you to load the material on-site while we wait for the job to be completed. Once the container is loaded into the car it will make its way back to our yard.

Once it arrives at our yard, we input all the weights, contact information, and details into our computer system for your records. Once the job is completed, you can come by our facility to receive cash for the pick-up or you can request a check be sent to you.

How much will I get paid for my scrap?

Scrap metal prices are constantly changing and altering based on the current market. While it would be easy to have a simple price for everything, there are several factors that will determine the price, including but not limited to; prices, distance, material, handling, equipment, and weight. Once you contact us through our website with details about your job, we can provide you with a much more detailed answer and give you the breakdown of costs.

How quickly can you pick up my material?

Generally, we schedule our trucks a few days in advance. Fill out the contact information above, and we will get in contact with you within 1-2 business days and give you some further details of our availability.

How much do I have to have to get it picked up?

Generally, we say anything over 5000lbs. is of interest to us. If you aren’t sure how much weight you have, send us a couple of pictures of the metal and send it to us in the above contact form.

Can you pick up items from my house?

Unfortunately, we do not do residential pickups for your scrap metal. The only types of pickups we do are commericial and industrial. Our suggestion is looking in the local newspaper for a junk company to do a free pickup of your material.

Do you pick up things besides metals?

No, we do not pick any non-metallic items. We suggest asking your local municipality for their services for junk and garbage pick ups.