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30 DAY AVG. PRICE $0.63/lb


Aluminum Wire that is cleaned of all insulation, plastic, or other debris will be purchased as a clean aluminum wire.

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Clean Aluminum Wire is free of any insulation, steel, or residue. This wire is often used by electricians and in commercial buildings in substitute of copper wire. It is more cost-effective and easier to get a hold of. The electrical currents are still able to travel through aluminum. Aluminum wire will be a silver color and can be confused with tin-coated copper. When you have wire, be sure to check the middle to ensure you are not mixing it with copper wire. Rockaway Recycling doesn’t suggest stripping the aluminum wire if you have less than a few hundred pounds because it will not yield too much more at the scales. When you are removing the insulation you are removing weight from the material. Be sure to check the middle of the aluminum wire with a magnet, because sometimes there can be a steel rod going through the middle If that is the case, we have to deduct the price.

Where To Bring Scrap Aluminum Wire in New Jersey

Rockaway Recycling works with electricians in the region for special prices on various materials including copper prices. You can bring your aluminum wire to Rockaway Recycling in Rockaway, NJ. We are a few minutes from Rt. 80 and Rt. 46. You can view all of the directions and hours of operation on our website. If you can’t bring your scrap to our location, we do offer pick up services for commercial industrial accounts for aluminum wire and other scrap metals. We can provide you with containers and equipment to help recycle your scrap metal in New Jersey.

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Historical Prices for Scrap Clean Aluminum Wire

Rockaway Recycling has prided ourselves on educating our customers. That includes posting our current scrap prices on our website, which not too many people do. Recently we began to keep track of our price changes so that customers can have a better idea of where the market has been and where it is going. We also provide 30-day averages for current scrap prices. This can help customers understand what kind of prices there are over the last few weeks.

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Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.40/lb
Insulated Cable $2.80/lb
Cast Iron $190/GT
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