Carbide Inserts & Shapes

Photo of Carbide Inserts & Shapes


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $nan/lb


Used in machine shops as heavy duty drills.

Historical Prices for Carbide Inserts & Shapes

sell scrap carbide and see prices


85% Tungsten Minimum for Higher Pricing

Rockaway Recycling can help you scrap your carbide metals from machine shops or other jobs that you may come across it from. You can take a look at our price list for our materials like Carbide and other metals like copper, aluminum, brass, and steel. If you aren’t sure what kind of metal you have or if you have, you can use a magnet on your Carbide. The magnet will gently attract to the Carbide but not completely like it would for steel.

There are many types and forms of carbide but most commonly found are tips and bits. Larger forms of carbide could be bought at a slightly lower price because of the refinement process.

If you have other rare metals or alloys you aren’t sure about, send us a picture through our online forms. You can give us a call or bring the material to our facility and we will be able to help you. We will be sure to separate your materials the right way and ensure that you will receive a Fair Weight, Fair Price™️ every visit. We look forward to earning your business every time you visit Rockaway Recycling located in Rockaway, NJ.