Tin Solder

Photo of Tin Solder


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $nan/lb


Must be analyzed and be free of attachments.

Historical Prices for Tin Solder

Some people may not even think of it, but Tin Solder can be scrapped just like any other metal like aluminum, steel, and copper. Contractors and plumbers who may have some extra Tin Solder laying around can bring it into Rockaway Recycling 6 days a week to be paid for its scrap value. If you have other scrap metals and alloys you are looking to recycle, be sure to separate them before heading to our yard.

There are multiple grades and prices will be reflected based on the grade, size, and quantity.

(Last Modified: June 25th, 2024, 8:17 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.25/lb
Insulated Cable $2.55/lb
Cast Iron $180/GT

Rockaway Recycling is located minutes off of Rt. 80 and right off Rt. 46 in Rockaway, NJ. You can find our directions and hours directly on our website, along with our daily updated scrap prices, including Tin Solder. If you aren’t sure what metals you have for scrap, be sure to check out the full list of metal we accept on our website. If you have questions you can contact us with a picture attached on our contact page.