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Free from oils/fluids. Separated from brake drums and other parts. (500lb. Minimum)

Historical Prices for Brake Rotors

*500lb. Minimum on ALL Steel & Iron Purchases*

We DO NOT Sell Auto Parts
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If you are looking to scrap some of your auto parts like brake rotors, you can bring them to Rockaway Recycling. Requiring a 500lb. minimum on brake rotor scrap and other ferrous metals like steel and iron, we are happy to help you recycle the brake rotors you have. Brake rotors are large steel discs that you can find on any vehicle. They are often quite heavy (15-30 lbs. each) and if you have a larger quantity of them, it can be worth it to recycle. Rockaway Recycling will buy brake rotors or brake drums from any type of vehicle, just make sure that when you bring them in to have them separated.

Rotors coming off of trucks, cars, vans, or larger commercial vehicles are all accepted at Rockaway Recycling. We like to have the brake drums removed from the rotors so they can be considered clean. If you have any questions on them just let us know and we will be able to shed a little more light on how to scrap rotors and drums. If the brake rotors you are scrapping have any ceramic or plastic attached to them, they may be downgraded at the scale.

Where To Scrap Brake Rotors in New Jersey

If you are looking to bring your brake rotors and other scrap metal to our facility, you can easily locate our yard minutes from Rt. 80 and right off Rt. 46 in Rockaway, NJ. Be sure to check our directions and hours out on our website for further details, including printable directions and our holiday hours. You can visit our facility during our operating hours and bring your brake rotors to our facility for scrap. If you don’t have a way to get them here and have a large quantity, contact Rockaway Recycling. We can provide scrap metal pick up services with containers for your scrap metal.

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Historical Prices for Scrap Brake Rotors

Our Team values our customers’ loyalty and try our best to provide information that is helpful for our customers to make more money on their scrap metal, including scrap brake rotors. The scrap price for brake rotors heavily relies on the current scrap prices for steel. Above our historical scrap prices for brake rotors will reflect the changes of steel pries very closely. Also you can view the 30-day average for scrap brake rotors for our current price. Our website is update daily with the current prices and also whenever the prices change at our scale. This information will be helpful to you to understand the market conditions and changes.

Current Steel & Other Scrap Prices at Rockaway Recycling

(Last Modified: July 22nd, 2024, 10:23 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Forklift Batteries $0.12/lb
Scrap Generators $0.05-$0.05/lb
Circuit Breakers $0.04/lb
Steel $110/GT
Light Iron $110/GT
Cast Iron $180/GT
Power Supplies (w/ wires) $0.25/lb
Telecom Equipment $0.10-$0.30/lb
Servers $0.25-$0.45/lb
Back Panels $2.00-$5.50/lb
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