Insulated Wire (45-50% ICW)

Photo of Insulated Wire (45-50% ICW)


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $1.10/lb


Used to run internet, phone, data, and computer lines.

Historical Prices for Insulated Wire (45-50% ICW)

Bring your Insulated Wire and other scrap metal into Rockaway Recycling. You can view current prices for Insulated Wire and other scrap electronic components on our website. You will be able to bring your electronic scrap like computer towers, PC boards, and RAM into our facility too. You can clip off any Insulated Wire from the electronics you are looking to recycle and scrap them separately.

(Last Modified: April 19th, 2024, 9:18 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.30/lb
Insulated Cable $2.65/lb
Cast Iron $190/GT

If you have a large quantity of Insulated Wire you may think about stripping the wire for the copper inside. While it is completely fine if you want to do that, we sometimes discourage it because you will be stripping away a lot of weight from the wire by removing the plastic and with the time you spend on doing it, you may not be able to really reap rewards with the copper leftover. Just to give you an idea, Rockaway Recycling doesn’t even strip the Insulated Wire we get in to our facility, we just scrap and bail it with the insulation on.