AL Machine Cuts

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30 DAY AVG. PRICE $0.64/lb


Clean aluminum cuts from machine shops. Grade 6061 or 6063.

Historical Prices for AL Machine Cuts

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If you have scrap AL Machine Cuts ready to be recycled, contact Rockaway Recycling for our current prices. You can find the prices listed on our website every day and will be updated every day too. If you aren’t sure what kind of material you have or what AL Machine Cuts look like you can check out our helpful pictures and descriptions on our website.

Where To Bring Your Aluminum Machine Cuts In New Jersey

Bring in your AL Machine Cuts to Rockaway Recycling today and be sure to ask what our current price is. If you need help finding our facility, you can print out directions and hours directly from our website. We are conveniently located off Rt. 46 in Rockaway, NJ and minutes from Rt. 80. If you need help with your scrap metals or AL Machine Cuts, be sure to contact us through our website or give us a call today. Rockaway Recycling has worked with many machine shops in New Jersey looking to recycle their metals like aluminum. We can provide container service to help businesses and companies recycle their metals like aluminum machine cuts. Contact us today and ask how we can help you scrap your aluminum.

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Historical Scrap Prices for Aluminum Machine Cuts

If you are searching for historical scrap prices, we have a 30-day chart for the recent scrap prices for aluminum machine cuts at Rockaway Recycling. We have always updated our prices on our website and now you can see the changes that have been made over the last month or so. This will allow you to see where the market has been over the last few weeks. Also you can compare today’s current aluminum scrap price to the 30-day average.

Current Scrap Prices At Rockaway Recycling

(Last Modified: June 24th, 2024, 10:04 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Forklift Batteries $0.12/lb
Scrap Generators $0.05-$0.05/lb
Circuit Breakers $0.04/lb
Steel $110/GT
Light Iron $110/GT
Cast Iron $180/GT
Power Supplies (w/ wires) $0.25/lb
Telecom Equipment $0.10-$0.30/lb
Servers $0.25-$0.45/lb
Back Panels $2.00-$5.50/lb
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