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30 DAY AVG. PRICE $0.05/lb


We buy backup generators either diesel or natural gas. Send us a picture of the unit and we can scheduled a pickup .

Historical Prices for Scrap Generators

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You can bring in your Scrap Generators or ask us to pick them up for your at your job site. If you have larger generators that you don’t want to transport here, you can ask us for our container and truck service to your location. You will be able to coordinate the best time to get your Scrap Generators picked up. We prefer to see pictures of jobs before so we can bring the proper equipment and personnel, so please feel free to contact us through our website. Rockaway Recycling can provide full service for picking up your scrap generators and other industrial equipment in and around New Jersey. When scrapping your generators with Rockaway Recycling, all of the oil and gasoline must be drained.

We are NOT interested in household generators.
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Where To Sell Scrap Generators in New Jersey

You can also view helpful videos and tips we provide through our Let’s Learn to Scrap Tab along with our dozens of other videos on our YouTube page. If you have a question about your scrap metal, feel free to contact us through our website. If you would like to see our directions and hours, you can view them on our website. We are located directly off of Rt. 46 in Rockaway, NJ and minutes from Exit 38 of Rt. 80.

Historical Metal Prices For Scrap Generators

Rockaway Recycling’s price for scrap generators always vary depending on the market, the size of the generator, the transportation involved and more. But we can give you a good idea of what kind of price you will receive when selling your scrap generator to our yard. You can also view the recently changes in price for historical prices for scrap generators on our website. Also you can view the 30-day average for generators for scrap. This can help our customers see the comparison for our current scrap price.

Current Scrap Metal Prices For Industrial Materials

(Last Modified: July 22nd, 2024, 10:23 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Forklift Batteries $0.12/lb
Scrap Generators $0.05-$0.05/lb
Circuit Breakers $0.04/lb
Steel $110/GT
Light Iron $110/GT
Cast Iron $180/GT
Power Supplies (w/ wires) $0.25/lb
Telecom Equipment $0.10-$0.30/lb
Servers $0.25-$0.45/lb
Back Panels $2.00-$5.50/lb
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