High Speed Steel

Photo of High Speed Steel


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $nan/lb


Must be analyzed and have no attachments.

Historical Prices for High Speed Steel

You can see prices for High Speed Steel and other rare metals on our website. If you have common metals like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and more you can also view the prices on Rockaway Recycling’s website. We update the prices online every day and every time they change at the scale. Be sure you know what you are getting before you bring your rare metals like High Speed Steel in before you get here.

There are multiple grades and prices will be reflected based on the grade, size, and quantity.

(Last Modified: July 22nd, 2024, 10:23 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.15/lb
Insulated Cable $2.45/lb
Cast Iron $180/GT

Rockaway Recycling is located in Rockaway, NJ minutes off of Rt. 80 and right off Rt. 46. You can print and see directions along with more information directly on our website. If you need to print directions or prices out for your benefit, you can do that within minutes. If you aren’t sure what kind of metal you have, you can search through our list and see pictures along with descriptions for all of the materials we accept.