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Ask About Our Pickup Service

Serving the New Jersey area and Tri-State region, Rockaway Recycling can provide you with pickup services for your scrap metal form demolition, construction, or industrial clean outs. Ask us about the different types of containers we can provide you with to get the job done.

How We Grade Aluminum Rims

We are changing the way we buy Aluminum Rims. We have been changing the grading of aluminum rims at our door and we want to make sure you are informed.
- Dirty Aluminum Rims - The rubber valves and lead wheel weights are still attached.
- Clean Aluminum Rims - The rubber valve and lead wheel weight are removed.
- Chrome Aluminum Rims - The chrome on the outside of the aluminum is coated and causes it to be a lower price.

How We Buy Clean & Dirty Brass Faucets

Rockaway Recycling is now processing and sorting dirty brass faucets differently at our scrap yard. When sorting your brass faucets, please make sure that you are checking for plastic and steel. We will be downgrading these items if they are mixed with brass.

Price Difference Electric Motors vs. Sealed Units

At Rockaway Recycling we want to make sure that you know what you are getting paid for. We make sure to separate your electric motors and sealed units due to the price difference at the scale. Usually sealed units will range from $0.05-0.10 less than electric motor scrap price because of the amount of steel on the outside.

How to Separate Copper Wire

Joe tackles a hard challenge of determining the difference between various wires. Use this as a guide to determine what wires you have. Also be aware of your approximate weight of material, you may want to strip the wire for more money.

Do We Accept Appliances? Which Ones?

Sean and Virginia walk through some of the common questions we receive at Rockaway Recycling about the different types of appliances that we accept. From dishwashers to furnaces we answer those questions and how we pay for them.

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