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Buying All Types of Scrap Batteries in the US

Rockaway Recycling has been buying all types of batteries for scrap throughout the US. We can help remove and transport your various battery types to recycle and dispose of them properly. We offer cash and quick payments upon delivery and pick up.

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We offer pick up service for all your bulk lots of batteries for recycling and disposal. See all the different types of batteries we purchase for scrap recycling below including; lithium ion batteries, lead-based batteries, forklift batteries, and nickel batteries.

Scrap Battery Prices

If you are looking for current prices for scrap batteries, Rockaway Recycling can provide you with the information you are looking for. Below we have our current prices for various types of batteries we recycle and what you can expect when bringing them to our yard. If you have questions about our current prices, feel free to contact us.

Absolyte Batteries

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These batteries are often used in cell phone backups and could sometimes have a negative chargeback for recycling these properly.


Car Batteries


Lead-acid based batteries from vehicles. They will have Pb label on them.


Cell Site Lead Batteries


These will clearly be marked with a Pb on them to show you that they are lead.


Forklift Batteries


Usually weighing a few hundred pounds or more, we can pick up.


Lead Backup Batteries


These will be clearly marked with a Pb on them.


Lithium Ion Batteries


Whether they are cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, or from electric cars, as long as they contain cobalt.


Steel Case Batteries


Steel Case Batteries might not have the Pb mark for lead clearly on them, but you can run the model number to see what type they are.


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Buying Lead-Acid Batteries for Scrap

For years, Rockaway Recycling has been buying lead-acid batteries for scrap metal. We can provide you with current scrap prices for your lead batteries that you may get from cars, trucks, and other automobiles. You can check your batteries for the symbol “Pb” to ensure that it is a lead battery. Contact us below to receive a quote for your bulk amount of battery scrap.

scrap car batteryLead acid batteries tend to be one of the most common types of scrap batteries that you will come across. Used across platforms from your cars, boats, motorcycles, and even the UPS backups that you connect your computer to, these batteries are always going to be marked with the letters “Pb” on them (the periodic table letters for lead).

Lead batteries are extremely useful, long lasting, and you will always be able to recycle them at Rockaway Recycling. They should never be drained at home because the acid is very harmful and will pollute the ground if you do not handle them correctly.

If you ever are doing a large rip-out from a data center or changing out multiple bus, car, or other auto batteries just let us know and we will be able to provide pallets, cardboard, and shrink wrap for proper packaging.

Here are some places that lead batteries will come out of:

  • Cars, Trucks, Vans, and other (non-hybrid) vehicles.
  • Motorcycles and scooters.
  • Data Centers for backing up the servers.
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • UPS Backups for your computer
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Buying A123 Batteries for Scrap

Rockaway Recycling can dispose and recycle your A123 batteries for scrap value. We are knowledgeable in buying these batteries for scrap. If you are looking for a price quote for the scrap A123 Batteries we can help you, contact us below. The A123 batteries are often used in electric buses for their battery source.

These types of batteries are one of many that come out of electric vehicles such as buses. Many large cities across the US are using these electric buses to run their local transportation to cut down on emissions and to make it much quieter in the area….but using these batteries will mean that they will become run down and have the juice drained from them.

A123 Scrap BatteriesThese A123 Batteries are much different then earlier models of lithium ion batteries because their possibility to catch on fire is much less then many earlier models.

Common Places That A123 Batteries Are Used:

  • Transportation Sector like Buses
  • Smaller Transport Vehicles
  • Town/City Vehicles
  • Hobby Cars and Planes.
  • Passenger Cars

These A123 Batteries are being used for many reasons, one is because they can charge so quickly compared to older battery packs. The batteries themselves are also easier to switch out if there is a problem because they are normally used in battery packs or clusters, and each of these are part of a bigger system.

Recycling and selling these A123 batteries is not the easiest thing to do, but our team has been buying and recycling these since they were initially made and we can help your company or town out in any way possible.

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Buying Scrap Lithium Ion Batteries

If you have lithium ion batteries from electric cars, you can sell them to Rockaway Recycling. We would be able to recycle and dispose of them properly. You can contact us for a price quote for your scrap lithium ion batteries. We can pay you cash or by check once we receive your materials.

Industrial Lithium Ion BatteryThere are many places that Li Ion batteries have been used in since their creation.

Some of the more common places for Lithium Ion Batteries are:

  • Cell Phone/Smart Phone Batteries
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Certain Electric Car Batteries
  • Power Tools
  • Hobby Style Radio Controlled Cars/Planes

There are different types of lithium ion batteries, so they cannot all get grouped together sometimes. To know whether or not they are going to be worth money and how much that they will be worth. Certain Li Ion batteries

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Buying Scrap Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

Nickel Metal HydrideIf you are looking to scrap your nickel metal hydride batteries, Rockaway Recycling can dispose of them for you. With our recycling knowledge of scrap batteries we can provide you with a buying price for the batteries, as well as any other scrap metal you may have. We can provide you with a scrap price for the nickel metal hydride batteries that you may take from your electric cars.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries are commonly found in many hybrid vehicles that are run throughout the US and Canada. These are known for their quick recharging and holding that charge for a long period of time which makes them ideal for the hybrid vehicles. One of the problems with these is the recycling part because many of these batteries will not give the customer a rebate, but rather a charge to get rid of.

Like many of the newer batteries we have to watch out for the exact make-up of the battery so we can


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Buying Scrap Steel Case Forklift Batteries

steel forklift batteryIf you have steel case batteries from equipment like forklifts, you can sell them for a scrap value to Rockaway Recycling. You can request a price quote from us below and also ask about our services for picking them up. We can recycle and dispose of your scrap forklift batteries from around the country.

Steel case batteries will come out a few different spots, but most of the time they will be out of electric forklifts or electric pallet jacks. Sometimes you can find a steel case battery in a larger machine like a indoor sweeper or some type of backup battery system for data centers.

These batteries are generally called steel case batteries, but could be known as forklift batteries, or industrial steel case batteries as well.

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Buying Scrap Ni Cad Batteries

nickel cadmiumIf you have nickel cadmium or “Ni Cad” batteries you are looking to sell for scrap value, contact our team at Rockaway Recycling for a price quote. We can provide with a current price for them once you contact us below. We would be able to help dispose of your ni cad batteries by recycling them the proper way.

These batteries come in a variety of sizes, shapes, forms, and are used in so many ways. Some uses for Ni Cad batteries (nickel cadmium) are:

  • Hobby Industry for cars, planes, tanks, and other toys.
  • Tool industry for smaller hard held tools like drills and portable power saws.
  • Smaller lights like gardening lights or driveway lights that have small solar panels on them to charge the batteries.
  • Wireless house phones and even a few select cell phones come with Ni Cad batteries as well.
  • Most Ni Cads will have a positive scrap value, but there are certain ones that become expensive to recycle and could cost you money.
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Buying Scrap Absolyte Batteries

Absolyte BatteriesIf you are looking for a buyer for scrap Absolyte Batteries, Rockaway Recycling can help you. We can provide pick up service and buying quotes for your batteries and any other batteries you may have to recycle. You can check the current price for scrap absolyte batteries with our team below, as well as send some photos of them to help us identify and quote the price appropriately. These batteries are often used in cell phone backups and could sometimes have a negative chargeback for recycling these properly. Please call and send pictures so our team can get you the correct answer.

Absolyte batteries can be found and used in the cell phone industry and for many backup data centers. These batteries contain:

  • Acid
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Steel Outside Cases

They are general found in multiple rows. Absolyte batteries will be very common in cell phone backup stations and you should always make sure that you are able to have them discharged of any power before transporting or selling them.

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