Thin/Thick Cable (79-83% ICW)

Photo of Thin/Thick Cable (79-83% ICW)


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $2.66/lb


A mixture of different gauges of electrical wiring that range from 4-12 gauge.

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A mixture of different gauges of electrical wiring that range from 4-12 gauge. These will generally be bare bright copper wire inside. Many electricians will find these materials as larger THHN feeds or also grounding wires. If you have larger quantities of these cables it would be worth stripping to be able to turn it into bare bright copper wire. Oftentimes we have found that these grades are not worth stripping based on the amount of time that you have to dedicate to stripping the materials.

Recycling Scrap Thin/Thick Cable In New Jersey

Since 1977, Rockaway Recycling has been serving the Tri-State area for all their scrap metal needs from copper, aluminum, wire, and electronics. You will be able to find all of our current scrap prices on our website, which are updated every day during operating hours. You can also see and print our hours of operation and directions from our website. We are conveniently located in Rockaway, NJ minutes from Rt. 80 and off of Rt. 46. If you have any questions about your materials or Thin/Thick Cable, be sure to contact us through our online forms or give us a call. We can also provide pick-up services and containers for drop-offs for your insulated copper cable in the Tri-State area. If you are interested, contact us about our scrap metal pick-up services. If you have any questions about the gauges or types of thin/thick cable, you have for scrap. We can also help with the recovery rates you can expect based on the copper inside.

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Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Insulated Cable $2.55/lb
Copper Transformers $0.13-$0.38/lb
Small Electric Motors $0.20-$0.30/lb
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