Scrap Yard Near Union County, NJ

Posted: November 3, 2020

Scrap Yard Serving Union County, New Jersey

Rockaway Recycling is New Jersey scrap yard located in Rockaway, NJ. Rockaway is located in Morris County, which borders Union County in New Jersey. Union County is smaller in size but has a population over half a million. The county seat of Union County is Elizabeth. Many towns in Union County, NJ are frequent stops for our scrap metal services, including Elizabeth, Plainfield, and Union.

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(Last Modified: December 1st, 2022, 4:50 pm)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $1.90/lb
Insulated Cable $2.40/lb
Cast Iron $150-$200/GT

Current Scrap Metal Prices at Rockaway Recycling

Providing Pick Up Scrap Metal Services in Union County

Our facility is only about 30 minutes from most of Union County with direct access to Route 80. We can provide scrap metal pickup and container services for materials like steel, copper, cable, and aluminum. Over the years our team and pick up services have been used around the Union County area including in some of the following towns:


In Elizabeth we have taken out entire truck cabs, brake rotors, aluminum rims, and all types of truck and car parts for scrap. If you have auto parts for scrap that you are looking to get rid of, we are more than happy to provide you with the containers and service needed.

rockaway recycling can pick up your old forkliftsUnion

We have recycled steel hangers (like for clothes) in large amounts, ripped down buildings to get the steel, copper pipe, and wire out of, as well as picked up forklifts in Union, NJ. Rockaway Recycling has serviced a wide variety scrap metal recycling in Union and we would be happy to discuss your projects.


In Summit we have disassembled a sewing factory as well as recycled all types of aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring is a common items in manufacturing and can be scrapped and recycled just just like any other aluminum. Call us for details.


We have scrapped many forklifts in Roselle, NJ and paid customers for the steel and also for the large batteries that are inside. When we scrap forklifts, we will often as you about the model and make of the machine so we can get a better idea of how much weight and what type we are looking at.


In Cranford, NJ, Rockaway Recycling has completed liquidation of a computer and server company by recycling the motherboards, memory chips, server racks, and Cat 5/6 cabling. We can provide gaylord boxes for any e-scrap materials you are looking to recycle. We can also provide you or your company with certificates of destruction for e-scrap.


In one job in Springfield, NJ, we recycled old pallet racking from a large warehouse as well as some old balers and forklifts that were too old and unsafe to be used any more. We can provide removal of any machinery or power equipment you may have to scrap. If you are looking to have the equipment picked up, we have the proper transportation.


We have scrapped out a large factory in Rahway that had aluminum siding and gutters as well as all types of insulated copper wire and heavy gauged copper cable. While aluminum scrap may seem obsolete, when you have larger buildings the amount of material can really add up. We can provide the proper roll-off containers and trucks to remove it all.

scrap aluminum


When we’ve worked in Plainfield, we had office clean outs of old filing cabinets, computer towers, insulated copper wire, and also a lot of loose steel. Many times when office clean outs occur, some companies forget that they can recycle and scrap all of the interior structures, we can help you access your building and give you an approximate value of your scrap.


We have experience in Linden working at the large co-generational power plant recycling large tanks for oil and gas companies. Have also taken out large blowing units and other steel parts with dumpsters, cranes, and flatbeds. We have the capability to remove larger steel oil tanks and other larger pieces of equipment from factories and warehouses, just ask about it.


Worked on many rip out and close downs of large commercial buildings. Also in Westfield, we have taken out stainless steel pots, commercial machines, and other large machines like forklifts. Many commercial building demolitions in New Jersey contain a lot of a larger structural pieces, Rockaway Recycling can help remove them and recycle them.

Offering Competitive Scrap Prices In New Jersey

We also offer price matching and competitive pricing in the North New Jersey area based on materials and the amount of material.

If you are a homeowner in Union County, you are more than welcome to bring your scrap metal to our facility during our operating hours and we will be able to pay you cash for your materials.

Electricians – Special Prices For Scrap Copper Wire & Cable

If you are an electrical contractor in Union County, you can collect and bring your scrap metal copper wire, THHN, romex wire, and other materials to Rockaway Recycling and get special prices for your materials if you check out our special electrician prices. If you have any local jobs or projects in Union County that may require a locked container for scrap copper cables or wires, we can provide the right containers so secure your materials.
Special Scrap Prices for Electricians

Plumbers – Special Prices For Scrap Copper Pipe & Brass

If you are a Union County plumber, feel free to check out our special plumber prices for those customers in the area. You can bring your brass, copper, water meters, and other scrap metal in for special prices when you visit Rockaway Recycling. With our convenient location in Morris County, our scrap yard is within close distance of Union County.
Special Scrap Prices for Plumbers

Some materials we accept are:

Rockaway Recycling pays top prices for scrap metal in New Jersey and are constantly updating our scrap prices on our website so that you can keep track of the prices in the Union County region and surrounding areas.

Bare Bright Wire Plumbing Brass Insulated Copper Cable Insulated Copper Wire
Stainless Steel Aluminum Siding Scrap Steel Scrap Iron
Computer Towers Harddrives Power Supplies Laptops

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