Posted: January 3, 2023

Scrap Aluminum Rims Price

We often have many customers assume that any rim from a car warrants the same grading price as the Aluminum Rim Price on our website. This is NOT true.

We Buy Different Grades of Scrap Aluminum Rims

To give you a better idea of how we price our Aluminum Rims, here is a breakdown of the different grades we have:

  • Clean Aluminum Rims – The rubber valve is removed, lead wheel weights are removed, and there’s no chrome finish.

  • Dirty Aluminum Rims – The rubber valve is still attached, lead wheel weights are attached, but there’s no chrome finish.

  • Chrome Rims – This is the lowest grade of rims. The rubber valve and lead wheel weights can or cannot be present, but the coating of chrome on the outside of the aluminum drastically reduces the price.

For more information and a demonstration on how we are paying for various aluminum rims, watch the video below.

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