Scraptober at Rockaway Recycling

Posted: October 21, 2013

Happy Scraptober!

With October going going…almost ghouling…gone! (Little Halloween pun), we want to know what you are going to do for Halloween.

Many of our customers come in dressed up for Halloween, so we wanted to see if you think that we should get dressed up.

Our team loves having a good time and having some laughs, so we would love to hear some good ideas. Go to our Contact Page and let us know what you think that we should have the guys dress up as.

Like always, go to our Price Page for todays scrap metal prices, and if you don’t see something there, just call us at 1 800 317 JUNK (5865).

BOO! Hope we didn’t scare you :)

-Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling

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