Weird Metal Items That Get Scrapped

Posted: December 5, 2020

Many people know the basics of scrapping and what is out there to sell to scrap yards but today we want to talk about some of the cool items that scrap yards see that you may not have thought of.

Binding Spiraling

What is this? Well, if you have ever had a notebook back in school that had those little metal things on the side are the spiral parts and they continue to help millions of people with their projects. Many of these spiraling companies are across the scrap world and they have excess or bad product that gets scrapped. Not too many scrap yards like this material though…think about tiny Slinkys times thousands…if something breaks you have a mess.

Old Machines

The term old machines could mean a multitude of things…from old VCRs, cars, or even a typewriter. The old machines that we are talking about are large and at one time were in charge. Old backhoes, excavators, and other “earthmoving,” machinery is very desirable not only to scrap but often to export. A lot of old machines in the US and Canada get exported to dozens of other countries that cannot afford to buy the brand new machines that are being purchased in many first-world and developing countries. There are a few specialized “scrap yards,” in North America that buy this old machinery for 2-5x scrap value and can export it. So if you look around you may be able to find someone to take your old machine for more than just a scrap price.

Platinum Road Dust – From Catalytic Converters

This may be one of the most fascinating developments with technology and recycling that we have seen…and unfortunately, will most likely not be something that the public will ever get their hands on. Large recycling companies that work with the governments in Europe and spreading to North America have created street sweeping machines that clean the roads but store all of the dust that is picked up in a filtering system. This dust will then be sent to a special recovery machine that will be able to pick up the platinum, rhodium, and palladium dust that is leftover from millions of cars catalytic converters.


When you are driving your car, the catalytic converter will filter out the emissions that are caused by your gas or diesel engine…but all while doing this it will have small dust particles undetectable by the human eye spread over the roads that they drive on daily. The new street sweeping machinery will collect this dust and refine it back into its metal form. Now that is a cool tool.

Hope you enjoyed a different scrap perspective.

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