We Offer Special Scrap Metal Prices Despite Down Market

Posted: October 23, 2015

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Despite the down markets for steel and copper over the last year or so, Rockaway Recycling still stands behind our belief system of working with local trade industry professionals like electricians and plumbers. We know that for those involved in trade work, their business doesn’t stop because the scrap prices are down. Metals like copper, wire, pipe, brass, and aluminum are still being used to fix homes, office, and work on other projects. We want to ensure that electricians and plumbers in North New Jersey can get the best scrap price from Rockaway Recycling even when the scrap prices may not be at their best.

How To Get Special Scrap Metal Prices At Rockaway Recycling

  • Check the plumber or electrician special price pages.

  • Print out the page with prices the day you plan to visit.

  • Bring a business card along with the price page.

  • It’s that easy to get special prices.

ELECTRICIANS: Click To Get Special Scrap Prices
PLUMBERS: Click To Get Special Scrap Prices

Rockaway Recycling has always been proud to work with different trade organizations like, NJPHCC and NJSLMP, and being able to provide those within the industry special prices when they come to our facility. Below we have links that allows electricians and plumbers to receive special tier pricing when they come to our facility. The only requirements is for you to bring in a business card and print the special price pages.

Electricians Get Special Prices On:

Electricians are often working with wires, so Rockaway Recycling has set up premium pricing for items like bare bright copper wire, THHN wire, insulated cable, and insulated copper wire.

Bare Bright Wire #1 Copper Bus Bar #2 Copper Bus Bar Ins. Copper Wire (Cat 5/6)
Romex Wire THHN/Thin Cable Insulated Cable 500/750 MCM (Bare Inside)

Plumber Get Special Prices On:

We know plumbers are usually working with the yellow and red metals like brass, bronze, and copper tubing, so Rockaway Recycling offers premium scrap prices on these items for plumbers that bring their metals to our facility.

Plumbing Brass Regular Brass #1 Copper Tubing
#2 Copper Tubing Bronze Lead

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Once you bring your business card to our facility and you are placed into our system, you will continue to get premium scrap prices for that appropriate materials you have brought us. It makes it easier for everyone that is bring their scrap into our facility. Plumbers and electricians can also check the current prices for their trade industry and bring the page into to ensure they get the right price.

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We Offer Special Scrap Metal Prices Despite Down Market

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We Offer Special Scrap Metal Prices Despite Down Market


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We Offer Special Scrap Metal Prices Despite Down Market


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We Offer Special Scrap Metal Prices Despite Down Market

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We Offer Special Scrap Metal Prices Despite Down Market

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