What Types of Metals Come from Appliances?

Posted: January 3, 2023

A good and easy place to find scrap metal is in appliances. Most appliances have brass, aluminum and steel on them that can be separated and scrapped. Make sure that if you are taking someones old machine from the road that it is okay with them for you to take it.

Washing Machines – You can sell a whole washing machine to a scrap yard as it is but there are many different types of metals inside that you can separate from the machine to make a little more money. There are electric motors with copper wiring inside, the stainless steel wash drum, and scattered aluminum that can be taken off and separated. Hit each piece of metal with a magnet to make sure it is not steel. Separate all of your metals before heading over.

Dryers – A dryer can also be sold as a whole for scrap. If you decide to take apart you dryer you can find materials like electric motors, insulated copper wires, and steel. As with washers, be sure to test each metal to separate steel from other materials

Refrigerators – A refrigerator CANNOT be scrapped whole at Rockaway Recycling unless the Freon is emptied out by an EPA certified professional. If you have a drained refrigerator and want to separate metals to get more money, take off the copper lines, electric motor/compressor, wiring and any type of metal that does not stick to a magnet (shelving, exterior metals).

Ovens – Ovens can also be scrapped whole but have mixed metals that could get you a few extra dollars. Take off the heating elements on electric stoves. Scrapping these separately can lead to a higher price for them.Take off the brass valves. These are located behind the heat adjustment knobs. Don’t forget to cut off the wire from the back.

As you can see, most appliances have a mix of metals in them that can be separated and cashed in at a higher value when they are separated. Keep an eye out for more tips on here or check out our Facebook, Google+ and YouTube pages for more information and to stay updated with us.

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