5 Tips for Working Outside In The Rain

Posted: May 4, 2016

5 Tips for Working Outside in the Rain

What’s Up Scrappers!

It’s important to be prepared when scrapping, especially when it starts to rain.

Spare Set Of Clothes

I always have spare clothes with me when I go to work but this time of year it’s important to have a spare set of work clothes. Working in wet clothes is just terrible I’m sure we can all agree.

Extra Set of Boots

I always keep a pair of old boots around I don’t really wear anymore just incase my feet get wet.

extra pair of work boots

Use Latex Gloves

A quick tip from me when I’m forced to work in the rain I always put a thin pair of latex gloves under my gloves because working in wet gloves is one of the things that drives me nuts!

Get A Rain Suit

Take a trip to a local work gear store and pick yourself up a long reflective rain jacket and a set of waterproof pants to go along with it.  The rain suit and a good pair of boots should get you through the day comfortable and happy.

Safety Is Just As Important

Let’s talk safety, electric power tools should not be used out in the rain not only will you ruin the expensive tool you have a chance to get electrocuted.  Make sure you’re under some sort of cover when using these tools in the rain. Check all your cords for rips and tears to prevent shorts.  Always make sure if you put your tools down they are in a safe dry spot.

Making sure that you have all of your dry clothes is really a must. The worst thing to do is to work when you are damp and miserable. It is the worst. Period, end of the statement. But when you are working outside you have to take the good with the bad, the hot with the cold, and the wet with the dry.

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