What Happens After The Snow Melt?

Posted: February 18, 2015

Snow meltingWelcome to the return of Sean’s blog. Since we are still in the Winter season were going to hit on wrapping it up and what to expect in the upcoming seasons in the scrap world. Fortunately for us here at the Rock and our customers it’s all good things.

With the end of Winter coming and Spring approaching there are many good things to look forward to, one being the warmer weather. For most, the winter keeps people cooped up to avoid the frigid temperatures. Others, like us here at the yard, have no choice but to bear it. So with that said, everyone’s outlook should be improving and we are more than ready to help with your spring metal clean ups and scrap needs. Snow will be melting soon to uncover your scrap and turn it into cash.

Another thing to look forward to is the hopeful rise of scrap prices. From my 4 years here I’ve noticed a recurring theme of higher prices in the Spring and Summer seasons. As we’ve all noticed the substantial drop in prices the last few months, which is hopefully soon to be raised.

So stay strong and hopeful that better prices are in the near future. Check our prices at the Rock either online or by phone and feel free to stock up for a little longer but not too long, the guys here need scrap too to keep us busy.

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