Scrapping Metal in the Winter

Posted: November 6, 2020

Let’s Learn How Scrapping Metal in the Winter Makes Money

Scrapping metal in the winter is one of the most difficult things to do. First thing first…IT’S COLD!!! Cold means that your body is not moving as quickly, your fingers (which you probably use very often to take small things apart) are going to be numb, and it will be difficult to really get into the scrapping spirit.

What we like to do is to prepare…to stay warm….and to cash in easy items quickly.

  • Prepare: What do we mean by prepare? Well, like the infamous Boy Scout Motto, “Be Prepared,” you always have to have warm gloves, a shovel, and ice on you while scrapping. Sometimes the ice will freeze certain metals to the ground or to other things and you will have to be ready to take these apart and having the right tools to do it will be VERY important.
  • Stay Warm: This should be self-explanatory…but just in case. Always bundle up and have extra clothes in case you get wet. We have many customers that will venture out and make sure that they find as much scrap as possible, but when it is snowing or there is ice out, oftentimes they will get wet and try to keep pushing along. These things will never help you. When you are scrapping metal in the winter you have to make sure to have the right clothes and boots so you won’t get slowed down by small problems like dampness or wetness.
  • Cash in Easy Items: This is one of the best pieces of advice that we have. By always cashing in easy items like fridges or large appliances right as you get them you will be able to get money into your pocket quickly and you will avoid having to touch heavier items twice in the winter. This means that you can keep the cash in your pocket and save the items that you want to take apart, strip, or save larger loads of aside for when the weather gets much warmer.

Those are some of the easiest and most important reasons that we have when you are scrapping metal in the winter. At Rockaway Recycling we always try to give our customers the best advice that we can on cashing in quickly and easily.


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