Thoughts with the Victims of Newtown, CT

Posted: December 20, 2012

Rockaway Recycling would like to send their condolences and thoughts for all those that were affected by the horrific tragedy that occurred last Friday in Newtown, CT. For all of the victims and their families we hope for a speedy recovery and peace.

“Not being a father myself means that I can’t know the pain that goes through those families right now in Newtown, CT. In the past week I have cried many tears for people that I don’t know, but can’t help but feel connected to. This nation is so great, that I have faith that we will be able to take this event and reach out to others in need, but in the meantime, our prayers go out to them.” – Tom Buechel, Owner of Rockaway Recycling

We hope that the victims of Newtown, CT and their families can find some peace during this difficult time.

To help with those affected visit the Newtown Memorial Fund Website

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