Temps Are Up, So Is Peak Season

Posted: March 12, 2015

Hey folks, it’s finally here, the warm weather. With these temperatures we at The Rock are entering our peak season. As I mentioned in the last post the upcoming seasons generally bring higher prices and more material. With that said I’m going to talk about some of the services we offer.

scrap metal pick upsThese are things that go on year round but pick up more in the warmer months. First and foremost is our pickup and trucking services.  We can accommodate almost all types of material with either roll-off containers or our box truck.  We have anything from 10-40 yard containers, some with rolling lids to protect your material, a flatbed for the bulk loads and our spacious 24 foot box truck. Our drivers are prompt and courteous and ensure accuracy for your materials. Also we can send Gaylord boxes, rolling bins and various other small containers to get the right bin for the right material.

Also for the customers that don’t know, we have 2 annual Customer Appreciation Days. There is one in the fall and our more popular one in the summer.  On that day we offer .10 cents over board price for the materials listed on the flyer that you can pick up at the shop, off the website, or via email if you’re part of our mailing list. It’s a great day to come collect some cash in friendly environment and enjoy some free food.  The Rock donates a decent sum of money to St. Jude’s for that day as well. Be sure to be there for a good cause and good prices. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the upcoming months, Stay Scrappin’. ~ Sean ~

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