Teamwork at Rockaway Recycling

Posted: May 13, 2015

rockaway recycling pick up serviceOne of the biggest things that we have been able to implement over the last few years has been the teamwork at Rockaway Recycling. First and foremost we talk about safety on a daily basis and because of that we have been able to really grow our overall efforts across the board for not only working together…but by working smarter, not harder.

Our New Additions

One of things that we are proud of is the roof that we just built at Rockaway Recycling that will help us during rain, snow, and really hot days by protecting a level of security. Being able to keep our team out of the rain or wet conditions while loading and unloading materials will create a more positive atmosphere and lead to a better work balance along with having the safety really step up at the same time.

Teamwork Early On

One thing that many of us learn as kids is to work together. Whether it is in school, on sports teams, or in families and that is no different when you grow up. The teamwork at Rockaway Recycling is something that we strive to work on, to improve, and to make sure that we are constantly growing with. Whether we are helping the customers out at the door or we are on the road at job sites, the teamwork mentality has to constantly be there. Our team is always on the same page, and if for some reason we are a little disjointed, we make sure to bring everyone back in and have things roll forward smoothly.

Working Together

With so many projects, customers, job sites, and mechanical things that need to be attended to, the biggest thing that you can have going for us is our teamwork. We like to have that show in the work that we do and how we constantly strive to grow our business by earning so many customers trust each time that they come to our yard.

When my Dad started this company in 1977 he didn’t know what he wanted to do…but one thing he did know was that to create a successful company you had to start with the people that you surround yourself with…and at Rockaway Recycling we still have that philosophy to this day.

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