Scrapping Old Cash Registers – Detailed Look

Posted: December 6, 2020

unnamedunnamed (2)Used for hundreds of years, cash registers have really evolved since the credit card has become such a major part of daily life cash registers have changed. Many companies are going cashless and that means that there are a lot of old cash registers that will start to pop up in scrap opportunities.

Many antique shops are looking for some old cash registers to sell to old bars, collectors, and as pieces for decorating, so before you just throw one into the scrap pile make sure you are ready to do some legwork.

The picture that you see is of a National Cash Register from the early 1920’s and is still functional. Sometimes you will be able to find these at garage sales and might be very tempted to take it apart to see what is inside and how much metal you can get out of it…but stop and think before doing.

unnamed (1)What’s Inside A Scrap Cash Register?

While this old cash register has scrap value because most of it is made out of brass and not steel or plastic, think before doing. You could open up an account on eBay, Craigslist, or even go directly to a local Antique dealer before even thinking of scrapping something that old and beautiful to many.

*Sidenote: One of the things that we stressed in another post was patience, and while making a quick buck on a cash register or other antique may be tempting…just wait. Try listing an item on Craigslist and see if you get any bites. Don’t be greedy on the price, especially if what you are selling you get in scrap and was very cheap to begin with.

One important thing about cash registers…always check to see if there is any cash in them or hidden under the tray…you never know what surprise could be waiting for you.

Happy Scrapping.

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