Scrap Metal Yard Near Wayne, NJ

Posted: November 5, 2020

Scrap Yard Near Wayne, NJ – Rockaway Recycling

Let Rockaway Recycling be the Scrap Metal Buyer Near Wayne, NJ, that you come to with your scrap metal! Since 1977, Rockaway Recycling has been buying scrap copper from people in the Wayne area and paying them cash for their scrap metal. Rockaway Recycling buys scrap metal that includes steel, iron, copper, brass, and more from loyal scrap metal customers.

(Last Modified: July 22nd, 2024, 10:23 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $2.15/lb
Insulated Cable $2.45/lb
Cast Iron $180/GT
Current Prices

With our convenient hours during the week, always staying open Thursdays until 6pm, and being a scrap metal yard open on Saturday in the Wayne area, Rockaway Recycling has always bought scrap metal at a fair weight and a fair price.

We buy scrap metal from the Fairfield area, Riverdale, and all other areas around Wayne. We want to be able to buy any scrap that you have and can pay cash or check.

Scrap Metal Buyer Near Wayne,

We accept many scrap metals like Scrap Copper Wire, Scrap Aluminum, Scrap Air Conditioning Units, Scrap Copper Tubing, Scrap Cat 5 Cable, Scrap Aluminum Wheels, Scrap Brass Radiators, and other scrap metals.

You can always visit our website,, to view our daily updated scrap metal prices. If you have questions about scrap metals that you want to sell in the Wayne, NJ, area, please visit our YouTube Page, where we upload videos on scrap metal so you can make more money.

We are a scrap yard close to Wayne, NJ, that works with all types of different scrap metals. Located less than 25 minutes from Wayne, NJ, we are a scrap yard looking forward to buying all your scrap copper, iron, and other metals.

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If you are a plumber with old scrap copper and scrap brass that you want to sell for cash in the Wayne, NJ, area, call Rockaway Recycling at 973 625 9560. With our scrap brass prices for Wayne and the surrounding regions always online, we look forward to seeing you down here.

If you are an electrician looking for a scrap yard near Wayne, NJ, to sell your old copper wire and other scrap metal, call Rockaway Recycling. We will pay you cash for your scrap copper bare bright, copper bus bar, and other copper wires.

With our easy-to-read scrap metal price boards located next to each state-certified digital scale, we will show you the prices you will receive for your scrap metal. When you are trying to sell to your scrap metal buyer near Wayne, NJ area, Rockaway Recycling will be able to help you get the highest prices for your scrap metal.

If you are looking for a new place to do your scrap metal recycling business, look no further than Rockaway Recycling, where we always give you a “Fair Weight, Fair Price™️” attitude.

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