Down Scrap Metal Market Hurts Everyone

Posted: March 30, 2016

Hello folks and welcome back to the Rockaway Recycling blog.   We’re still here rockin’ and moving right along.  A lot of changes have been happening in the scrap world, I’m going to talk about them and what is setting us apart.

Down Markets In Scrap Metal Hurt Everyone

As everyone knows prices are still lower than what everyone was used to for a few years and everyone is affected.  If you’re and avid scrapper I’m sure you’ve heard the struggles of some yards and the down scrap metal markets.  A few have been forced to shut down due to not being able produce enough overhead to keep functioning.  Low prices mean low income for the owners.

Being Honest About Current Scrap Prices

Sean- Rockaway RecyclingHere at the Rock the story is no different but we take a different approach with our customers that keeps them coming back and new ones showing up.  We are very upfront and as honest as we can be. Our prices are located both online and our price boards at the shop. What you see is what you get. All your weights are visible to you as they are on the scale and if we tare a box or bin for you we make sure you know the weight before your material goes in.

Want To Make The Most On Scrap?

Also we are keen on educating customers on how to improve your scrap value, have a question? We’ll answer it. And for our commercial pickups there are also no games.  No unreasonable tares and no weight pinching.

So if you’re a regular customer, keep the scrap coming.  We’re happy to serve you and if you’re a new customer come down to see what we’re all about.  Thanks for reading and keep on keepin’ on.

– Sean