Scrap Metal Demolition Services in New Jersey

Posted: November 5, 2020

demolition scrap metal services in new jerseyDealing with demolition scrap metal and contractors has become one of the standards at Rockaway Recycling and we look to earn your business as well. Our team provides all types of services for our demo sites such as onsite dumpsters, walkthroughs to go over the materials coming out of the job, and we also provide garbage dumpsters as well.


Open since 1977, our scrap yard has become one of the leading scrap metal recyclers in the area and we constantly are looking to not only improve our operations but we are always looking to get our customers more involved in how to break down and sort their material. We can help provide the right scrap metal demolition services in New Jersey.


With dozens of dumpsters, roll-off trucks, flatbeds, and even dumpsters with lockable lids, our operation is ready to take care of every type of scrap question that you have for us. Our team doesn’t want to boast or brag about prior accomplishments, but we want to show you how we work with demolition scrap metal and with our customers to constantly earn your business. We have been working with companies on commercial scrap metal pickups in New Jersey for decades, so we aren’t going anywhere.

Materials We Pick Up For Demolition Jobsites

Copper Bus Bars Insulated Copper Cable I-Beams Light Iron
Copper Cables Aluminum Scrap Brass Scrap Bronze Scrap

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Our team always is looking for referrals and new opportunities to work with any type of demo contractor or job rip out possible. We can provide certificates of destruction for all materials, equipment, or anything else that may come out of your job site. Our team can take any amount, quality, or quantity scrap metal that you are taking our of your job site and always make sure that the demolition scrap metal that you have coming out in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania around the Tri-State area will be covered by Rockaway Recycling.

scrap metal pick upsWe look to pay our customers within one day of pickup (unless there is a lot of breaking down to do), this way you have a fast cash flow and can be certain that Rockaway Recycling and our team will be ready to meet and exceed all of your demolition projects. Covering the North New Jersey area with our pick up services, we will make sure to give you estimated arrival times and scheduled pickups so you can plan your day accordingly.

With different jobs come different needs, we are always looking to have one of our team members come and do a walkthrough of your job site so we can get on the same page and make sure that whatever demolition scrap metal that you have being ripped out will be handled as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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