Scrap Industrial Chillers

Posted: May 10, 2020

Rockaway Recycling Buys Scrap Industrial Chillers

scrap industrial chillersRockaway Recycling will pick up and pay cash for Scrap Industrial Chillers throughout the Tri-State New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut areas. We will send our truck to your job site to pick up you Scrap Industrial Chillers. From there we will bring them back to our scrap yard and pay you cash for them.

There are different options when you want to sell your Scrap Industrial Chillers. We can pay you a flat price for them, ensuring that you get paid the same day. Or you can give our crew a few days to take the Scrap Industrial Chillers apart and you will be able to make 20-40% more money for your scrap.

Industrial Scrap Prices

(Last Modified: July 22nd, 2024, 10:23 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Forklift Batteries $0.12/lb
Scrap Generators $0.05-$0.05/lb
Circuit Breakers $0.04/lb
Steel $110/GT
Light Iron $110/GT
Cast Iron $180/GT
Power Supplies (w/ wires) $0.25/lb
Telecom Equipment $0.10-$0.30/lb
Servers $0.25-$0.45/lb
Back Panels $2.00-$5.50/lb

What Scrap Is Inside Chillers?

There are many metals inside of the scrap chillers that can be pulled out including:

  • Copper/Aluminum Coils
  • Brass Fittings
  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Steel and Light Iron
  • Copper Pipe
  • Steel Piping

With scrap copper, scrap brass, scrap steel, scrap aluminum copper coils, and other types of materials inside of the of the Scrap Industrial Chillers, Rockaway Recycling will buy them from you for cash.

We Have The Right Equipment

We have all different types of equipment to handle your scrap chillers, and our trucks are equipped for all types of weights. We will be able to get you certificates of destruction, and can assist with having all fluids drained properly as well. Our trucks are always ready to come to your job sites to pick up large chillers, air conditioning units, and compressors. Some services that we provide for larger industrial chillers:

  • Onsite pickup of your equipment. Schedule a truck to come to your job site and we will
  • Loading with cranes is not a problem onto our flatbeds either.

We take all types of scrap metals as well, including: Copper, Brass, Insulated Copper Wires, Electric Motors, Sealed Units/Compressors, Aluminum Copper Radiators (ACR’s) and more. Call our toll free number, 1.800.317.JUNK (5865) and talk to one of our team members so we can figure out the best way to help you make the most money on your scrap metal.

We have been working with HVAC companies with old chillers and large air conditioning units for a long time. Anything that you need help with please let us know.

Our team can drop flat beds or dumpsters off at your job site so you will be able to load large amounts of scrap metal and we will pick them up. If you are looking for the current prices on scrap metal you can go to our current list of update scrap prices.

Current Scrap Metal Prices at Rockaway Recycling

If you have any other questions about scrap metal go to our Pictures + Materials Page where we explain different metals that you can sell along with the scrap metal prices for them.

Call Rockaway Recycling the next time that you have Scrap Industrial Chillers to sell and get paid cash.

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