Rockaway Recycling Scraps Air Conditioners

Posted: January 3, 2023

After that grueling week of hot weather last week the last few days certainly has been a pleasure to work in and finally shut off the air conditioning!

The one good thing that the heat does for scrappers is creates a lot of broken air conditioners…and because of that you can start to cash in by scrapping them.

Air conditioners are completely recyclable once you get any fluids or oils out of them. Make sure that they were ALWAYS drained the correct way to ensure that you will be able to cut them up and cash them in correctly. When they have the fluids in them Rockaway Recycling will not buy them.

Inside of the air conditioner you can get a bunch of items, here is the list and the scrap prices:

-#2 Copper Tubing- $2.37

-Brass- $1.70
-Wire- $0.95
-Steel- $0.065
-Compressor- $0.15
-Electric Motor- $0.22
-Al/Copper Fin- $1.25

These items are so good and worth such good money that you never want to pass up on an AC unit of any type. If you are doing larger jobs and have big units, call Rockaway Recycling at 1.800.317.JUNK (5865) and we will get someone to explain it a little more.

Here is a quick video on the parts inside of an air conditioner: Rockaway Recycling YouTube Page.

Tom Buechel
Owner, Rockaway Recycling

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