Roof Up & Scrap Prices Up Too!

Posted: May 7, 2015

With the great weather here it is awesome to see the scrap prices up and we are really off to the beginning of the spring and summer with some strong activity. With so many questions over the last few months about where the scrap prices are going it is nice to have some positive answers about the scrap prices and where they are at.

Scrap Prices Are Looking Better

Going into the Spring of 2015 it will be interesting to see what happens with the market and if the copper and scrap prices continue to increase. The copper prices will hopefully be a great indicator for the rest of the year and will help to push the steel prices up over the next few months. With the copper prices increasing we have been steadily updating our prices online and telling customers more information about the increases as well as what to expect in the coming months.

While it is really tough to gauge sometimes where we are going pricing wise, it is exciting to see that we are really getting those prices up there and help get some more cash in your pockets.

New Roof Is Up!

We mentioned this in our headline…but we have finally finished our roof expansion and now have a larger area to work during in climate weather as well as during the hot summers to protect ourselves from the sun.

rockaway recycling scrap yard in nj

We have been able to add energy efficient LED lighting, clear panels to help light the area, and secured the whole area with strong steel bollards, and we have made sure to even add a live pricing board as well. We look to continue to have a strong presence and to make sure that you and your scrap needs are always our priority whether or not we are able to show you how to make more money with sorting, sending our price coupons, or just being able to work with you on any type of scrap project that you have.

With our team ready to work with you more and more into the future, let the team at Rockaway Recycling continue to earn your business with scrap prices up or really up today!

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