Rockaway Recycling Roof Project

Posted: March 17, 2015

rockaway recycling roof projectTime To Build Up Our Recycling Roof Project

The yard will be changing with our new Rockaway Recycling roof project that we are starting in March of 2015. A long time coming, we are excited to begin our new expansion by having our new roof being built to help cover customers in inclement weather like rain and snow as well as expanding where we will be able to buy material out of.

Our yard will be starting the roof project to cover an existing area and really will have a positive impact on our facility and operation. By being able to cover so much of the yard we will be making our environment even safer for our team members that are driving trucks and forklifts outside everyday. Our team will be able to work in a cleaner and safer environment and will be able to help eliminate many possible problems during the summer as well.

Not just the rain will be partially eliminated for our working environment, but also the sun will be. Our new roof will cover the area that our team works under and will help to be safer by eliminating a lot of possible slipping problems. Safety is and always will be our top goal with our team when working in the yard and we want to make sure that providing them with this recycling roof project will really compliment what they will be able to continue to do.

Our operation will not be changing or be closed down at all during construction, so please continue to bring your scrap down and our team will update you on scrap metal prices and more. Just let us know what you need and we will help explain it all to you and get you on the right lines for whatever it is that you need.

We look forward to showing you how our new roof project is going to affect our scrap yard and how it will clean the area up even more.

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