Old Brass Water Meters

Posted: November 22, 2020

Rockaway Recycling- Buying Scrap Brass Water Meters Across The US

We know that many towns in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are switching out their old water meters and looking to sell them for scrap metal. Rockaway Recycling buys scrap brass water meters from all towns and will pay for them within days of picking them up.

We have been open since 1977 picking up and buying scrap brass water meters, and other old scrap metals from the local towns. Instead of throwing your old water meters out, sell them to Rockaway Recycling. We have dealt with all types of individual towns and contracts for buying old water meters.

(Last Modified: June 8th, 2023, 12:28 pm)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $1.95/lb
Insulated Cable $2.30/lb
Cast Iron $195-$225/GT

Old Brass Water Meters

We work with our community and the communities in the North East not only buying their scrap metal, but working with them to get their communities moving forward. We work with the little leagues and other organizations to help fundraising and can help your towns out as well.

If your town is switching out their old water meters and wants to sell the old ones please call us at 1 800 317 JUNK (5865) and we will be able to walk you through the steps.

One common question is, “Do I have to take the brass water meters apart?” That answer is no. We will buy your towns brass water meters as is and will be able to give you an idea on the price by going to our website or filling out the form below.

Question on Brass Water Meters? Just Ask:

We buy old water meters out of New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and any other town or city in the area. We can provide trucks to pick your old water meters up, and make sure that you know that you don’t have to take your water meters apart to get paid for them.

How Do Water Meters Work?

What are water meters?  Water meters are used throughout towns and cities to monitor the water flow and consumption by each business and home.

How do water meters work? The “meter” inside will be able to tell the town or water department how much water was consumed, and thus tell how to bill that company or home for their water consumption.

Water meters are made of  brass, steel, and plastic, with most of the weight being in the brass meter itself. Rockaway Recycling can help with the disposal of your old brass water meters. Just call us at 1 800 317 JUNK (5865) and talk to one of our team members.

Rockaway Recycling will buy new or used water meters, regardless of condition. We are looking to take your meters and scrap them for the brass and the steel that make them up.

If you are switching out your towns old water meters we will be able to buy them from you and make sure you get all of the weights, breakdowns, and proper payments for them.

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