New Tool Cage, More Organization for Easier Work

Posted: February 11, 2015

Hey Scrappers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely winter and back breaking shoveling and ice everywhere. We have several 20 foot snow mounds down here at the Rock.

Since my last post the Patriots won the Super Bowl… only because the Giants weren’t in it toruin Tom Brady’s day. FACT – I hate the Pats… bunch of cheaters.  How many Patriots fans does it take to change a light bulb? None they are happy living in the Giants’ shadow.

Here’s a little update what we are doing at the Rock for our winter projects. We have given most of our hoppers and racks a fresh coat of paint so they are nice a pretty for you guys. Fixed and updated tares on all of our roller bins.

This week, we built a brandy new tool cage to store and organize all of our stuff. With the new tool cage we are trying to improve our care of the tools we use so often. Most of you know how important having the right tool at the right time is. So we are trying a new system in order to keep better track and care of all our tools. No one likes looking for tools that you know you have and you cant find. For me personally that drives me up a wall.

Once we get this new system down hopefully it solves this problem. We made a little more space to store more material and make the shop a little neater. Been a busy couple of weeks of organizing and figuring out better ways to utilize the space we have. Until next time, see you at the scales!joe Rockaway Recycling

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