Rhodium Market Price

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CURRENT PRICE $4,480.00/oz

30 DAY AVG. PRICE $4,453.33/oz


Found generally in two different places, catalytic converters, and jewelry.

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Rhodium is one of the three main precious metals that is recovered from catalytic converters when they are being recycled. Our RRCats.com team keeps the precious metals updated on our website to help you understand how the market prices are changing regularly.

While we quote each catalytic converter individually, they all lead back to the market prices for Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Our team is regularly looking for ways to keep you updated on what the markets are doing and what to expect when scrapping your catalytic converter.

Found generally in two different places, catalytic converters, and jewelry. Rhodium is used to be coated onto gold jewelry to be able to create “white gold.” The primary use for Rhodium is in the catalytic converter market and is helped to negate the fumes and emissions from car engines.

Updated Chart for Current Rhodium Market Prices

You can see the price market chart (above) for the recent weeks of prices for the Rhodium Prices that our RRCats Division keeps track of. When you are looking to scrap your catalytic converters with us, be sure to request a current price for your catalytic converter.

Our Quotes Are Good for 7-Days

When we are quoting your catalytic converters, we are providing the price we will pay if you sell us your catalytic converter in the near future. When we provide your price quote for your cat, we will only honor that price for 7-days because precious metal prices like Rhodium are regularly changing so this is how we continue to have fair prices when scrapping your cat.

**Rockaway Recycling does NOT purchase Rhodium scrap, but instead are using this page as an informational resource for our customers or visitors that are looking for more resources when they are looking to recycle their catalytic converters.**