Intro to Sean & Your Winter Scrapping Options

Posted: January 29, 2015

seanHello everyone, my name is Sean Fritts and I’ve been a loyal employee of Rockaway Recycling for a little more then 4 years. When I came to the company I knew very little about scrap metal and the little sub-world that came with it. Through my years here I’ve encountered people who make an honest living by collecting recyclable metals, doing “clean outs” at homes and businesses, or just scrap materials from the job sites. Though working here may not always be a walk in the park it is always interesting and that’s mainly what we’ll talk about today.

As I’ve learned here almost everything has some sort of value to it, so think twice before you just throw it out. It’s winter time so now is probably the time to get the inside work done around the house. Whether it be cleaning out your basement and holiday decorations or remodeling the bathroom, there is a good chance there’s scrap to be found. Maybe some old brass mantle decorations, tree ornaments, or the old faucet and fixtures from the bathroom renovation. All to bring a pretty penny for your recycling efforts.

Keeping steady with the winter work could put a few tools out of commission. Haul your busted snow plow down, save those old metal shovels that have expired from the heavy wet snow. Don’t let your snow clearing equipment just get thrown away when you can cash it in at our facility to put towards a new product. With all that being said, stay strong and vigilant through these tiring winter months knowing that spring’s around the corner. Your personal work may be slowing down so that’s all the reason to collect some scrap metal to cash in. hope to see you soon!!

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