How To Recycle & Get Rid of Broken Christmas Lights

Posted: November 17, 2022

copper wire scrapWe all know that we spend too much money on the green during the holiday season, but it is worth it to make everything “happen.” Santa’s presents, feasts for the family, decorations for inside and outside the house, and even the car, eggnog, trees, travel fares…the list can go on and on.

Scrap & Recycle Your Christmas Lights

Rockaway Recycling is located in Rockaway, NJ, and it buys Christmas lights for scrap. We have a variety of prices for all scrap copper wires, but we regularly buy holiday lights for scrap value.

While dishing out the green, why not make some green simultaneously? Bring in broken Christmas Lights (check current price) or any other materials we take to add to your recycling during the Holidays.

We Pay Cash For Christmas Lights

Do you have to remove the bulbs to recycle Christmas lights?

No, you don’t. When you are selling your Christmas lights to Rockaway Recycling, we do not require you to remove the bulbs from the wires to recycle them.

Should I strip Christmas Lights for the copper wire?

No, we don’t suggest it. It is not a lot of material that will be recovered when stripping Christmas Light wire. So you should just scrap as is.

Happy Holidays and Happy Recycling During the Holidays!

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