Drill Holes in Your Buckets When Scrapping

Posted: December 3, 2020

bucket tipsIn past posts, we have talked about deductions, but there are ways to solve those from ever happening. We have listed some ways you can avoid scrap metal deductions when you visit Rockaway Recycling.

How To Eliminate Confusion At Rockaway Recycling

Using buckets when bringing your scrap in is helpful, but we have some ways you can make it easier to avoid confusion at the scales.

  • Drill Holes Buckets that have multiple holes in the bottom of them won’t hold water and will save you any problems with deductions if you leave your material outside. The water will drain out and when you go to sell your scrap the scale manager won’t have to worry about guessing how much water was in there because you thought ahead.
  • Use lids –  Cover up your buckets with the lids that they came with or that you could buy to put on them. The lids will have multiple positive uses
    • Protect water or ice from getting into your buckets while not ruining your buckets with holes in them.
    • Easy to stack buckets on top of each other and maximize your scrapping space.
    • Looks cleaner while storing your scrap and your scrap yards will be able to see that you are serious about your scrap because of the care that you take to prepare and sell the material.
  • Clean Your Scrap – Aluminum chairs that have plastic webbing can be sold to scrap yards, but often at a fraction of the cost of what they should be sold at. Clean ALL non-metal items off of your scrap, even the steel bolts that are mixed onto the aluminum will downgrade the material and you will get less money for the hard work that you put into your scrap.

There were a few of our favorites, please share with us what you do: