Get A Quote For Your Scrap Forklift

Contact Rockaway Recycling below with your forklift and forklift battery information for a price quote on how much it’s worth. Fill out the contact form below to get a quote for your scrap forklift.

When Requesting Your Quote, Please Include:

  • Pictures – We need pictures of the machine itself so we know what condition the tires are in and if we can tow it easily.
  • Picture of the Nameplate – This will be located (and normally welded or riveted onto the machine). This will tell us the weight of the machine and the battery (if it is electric) and will give us the best idea on how to properly get the forklift picked up and disposed of.
  • Does it run? – If the machine doesn’t run then you have to give us an idea if you can move it or not…if you don’t have a way to move it that will let us know what truck to bring so it gets picked up properly.
  • Do you have a loading dock? – Having a loading dock or being able to get the forklift to ground height will also help us figure out what type of truck to bring so that we can get it picked up.

Pickup Address & Machine Photos

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.
We are looking for any pictures of serial plates, height, weight, batteries, and characteristics of the machine.

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