National Catalytic Converter Average

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CURRENT PRICE $68.85/each

30 DAY AVG. PRICE $71.49/each


Average price for catalytic converters in the US.

Historical Prices for National Catalytic Converter Average

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Want To Know How To Ship?

How do you sell your old catalytic converter?

In the past, the most traditional way of selling catalytic converters was by going directly to the scrap yard and cashing them in for whatever price that they gave you. Most people would just accept that price and move on with their day, but with online options, you can now find out what the value of your catalytic converter is.

Nowadays, with the Internet, you can find and learn about these units in entirely different ways. These ways now give you the ability to get prices online and learn about different grades so you can become more innovative in the catalytic converter space.

4 Simple Steps To Selling Your Scrap Catalytic Converter

Below are the simple steps on what to expect when selling your scrap catalytic converter to a scrap yard or core buyer like

  • Prepare It – Make sure to remove any excessive pipes for easier shipping
  • Get A Quote – Contact your buyer for an accurate price you can expect to be paid, based on serial numbers or pictures. You can also bring it to a local scrap yard for a quote.
  • Ship It Out (Optional) – Package it with enough material so it doesn’t shift during shipping to prevent it from coming out of the box.
  • Get Paid For It – Once your buyer receives and confirms the value get paid for it.

Our Quotes Are Good for 7-Days

When we are quoting your catalytic converters, we are providing the price we will pay if you sell us your catalytic converter in the near future. When we provide your price quote for your cat, we will only honor that price for 7-days because precious metal prices like Platinum are regularly changing so this is how we continue to have fair prices when scrapping your cat.