Insulated Cable (84-88% ICW)

Photo of Insulated Cable (84-88% ICW)


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $2.42/lb


The size of the gauge will determine price.

Historical Prices for Insulated Cable (84-88% ICW)

Electricians, contractors, and homeowners can bring in their insulated cable to Rockaway Recycling to be recycled for scrap metal. We will let you know what the prices is as soon as we begin weighing your material. Want to know the price before you come in? You can check on our updated website every day or you can give us a call. Be sure to collect all of your insulated cable before heading into our facility and separate it from other materials.

You are not required to take the insulation off of the cable, but if you do remove it you will be making more money at the scale. We will be sure to give you the correct price for your material when you come in to Rockaway Recycling. Insulated cable is often used for high-powered electrical units, collect you insulated cable scrap and bring it in for the best scrap prices in the area.