Ins. Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) – 45-50% ICW

Photo of Ins. Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) – 45-50% ICW


30 DAY AVG. PRICE $1.13/lb


Insulated, no attachments

Historical Prices for Ins. Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) – 45-50% ICW

Bring your Insulated Copper Wire down to Rockaway Recycling along with any other scrap metal that you may have. You will be able to pull up to our facility and someone will be able to help you out immediately. With our quick and easy to use ATM service, you will be in and out in a matter of no time.

If you would like to see the current scrap prices, you can check them out on our website. They are updated every day according to our current scale prices. For material like Copper Wire, you may want to check the price before heading in here, as the prices can change often during the week. Be sure to check out Rockaway Recycling’s scrap metal pick up and container services for larger jobs you may have in the area.

One of the more popular items to scrap, insulated wire has always been something that our customers have called us looking to get updated prices on. We love giving the prices out over the phone but now you can go to our price page and see what the prices are for insulated wire everyday. You can also check out this price page and you will see not only todays price for copper wire, but also the price average for the last 30 days.

Our goal has always been to earn our customers business and now with our new historical pricing charts, our daily prices on insulated wire, and our constant updates on other metals you will always be in the loop.

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