#Winning the Scrap Battles

Posted: January 3, 2023

Everyone says that they want to be able to go out, kick butt, and take no prisoners…well maybe not everyone and maybe not me either. 
I have always tried to work hard, lead by example, and make sure that I put my best foot forward at anything that I do. Too often people tend to get lazy and not want to win each task they set out to do, but I always look at tasks as things that I can conquer and make each one a learning effort.
In scrap and Rockaway Recycling there are always challenges: Keeping the prices at a competitive level, making sure that we treat the customers well, taking care of my team members, and more.
Scrap is a battle each and every day and I always want to work hard to make sure that we are able to put our best foot forward.
Tom Buechel,
Owner, Rockaway Recycling