Scrap Metal Clean Up Week

Posted: March 29, 2013

Want to Make More Money?

Looking for scrap metal? Who isn’t! Look for your own town, and the towns around you to have their local town clean-ups where all residents put their old stuff out to the curb.
When that happens, make sure that you have your trucks and tools ready to scrap! From extension cords, old appliances, PC Towers, misc. steel pieces, and even brass lamps, there will be all types of scrap metal out for you to grab. 

Make sure that you go out early, because with the economic times that we are in, a lot of people are hurting for money and will be scrapping as well. Make sure that the items that you are taking you have permission to take, some towns have laws against pulling things from the streets and you don’t want to get yourself in any trouble.

Go to Today’s Scrap Metal Prices, so you know how much each item that you pick up is worth and shoot us a message if you have any questions!

Tom Buechel,
Owner, Rockaway Recycling