Scrapping an Above Ground Pool

Posted: May 28, 2014

Whether your replacing your pool or just need to get rid of it we can help! Steel and aluminum above ground pools are very common. Make sure you check the metal to see if it is aluminum or steel. Aluminum will be worth a lot more than a steel pool.

Drain it – The first thing you want to do when you are getting ready to scrap a pool is drain the water. Use a water pump to remove the water. Make sure that the exit side of the hose is in an area that won’t be flooded by the water. If there is a sewer drain nearby that may be a good place to put the hose. Draining a pool can take up to 8 hours or more depending on the size.

Tear down – Remove any plastic caps and ledges from the pool as well as the liner and any other add-on’s like filter and heater accessories. Use hand tools or electric tools to separate the pool into smaller pieces.

Separate and Clean up – Plastic, cardboard and liners will need to be separated from aluminum or steel. You can bring the plastic and cardboard to your local recycling center. We do not accept those items at Rockaway Recycling.

Bring it Down – Put the aluminum or steel in a trailer or truck (don’t let it overflow!) and strap it down. Bring it to our scales and get paid!

Three other things you could grab to scrap from a pool:
Pool Filters – These will usually be bought as an electric motor. Or you can pull the motor out and cut it up for the copper inside.
Heater – Heaters can be full of copper, brass or stainless steel. Bring it whole or break it down and separate the different metals.
Pool Ladder – The ladders are often made of stainless steel but can also be made from aluminum. To withstand the effects of chlorine they are often made from 316 stainless steel which is worth more than the normal 304 stainless steel.

Taking down a pool can be a difficult job but you;ll see the benefits when you get to the scale. For more scrapping tips or more information about us, check out our YouTube videos, Facebook, or Google+ pages.

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