Scrappin’ Since 8 Years Old

Posted: March 1, 2013

My parents have pictures of me down at our scrap yard when I was eight years old looking at piles of scrap metal. Since those days of having my entire first grade class take a field trip down to Rockaway Recycling to see how things were not thrown out, but recycled, I was hooked.

Over many summers and Saturday mornings I came down to Rockaway Recycling with my Dad to learn about scrap, interact with customers, and make a couple of extra bucks. I learned work etiquette over that time, learned to be on time, respect the customers, and work hard. I was always paid for my work and was never treated differently then the men around me because they saw that I was there to work with them. I have taken that same work ethic with me to today.

While I might be on the phone and in the office a little more then normal, I have been able to maintain all of the customer relationships, and also have been able to work with my customers to ensure that they get treated correctly and they are getting paid a fair price for their scrap metal.

While this might not tell you about scrap metal prices, or anything like that, this tells you a little bit more about how scrap metal is not just something to cash in, but to many of us (173,000 people in the US work with scrap!) it is a way to not only earn a living, but to be doing good as well.

Tom Buechel,
Owner, Rockaway Recycling